About Jose Onate

Jose Onate is the CEO and co-founder of Avenue Web Media, a Chicago-based web development and online marketing company that specializes in building a successful online presence for businesses of all sizes using open-source technologies.
Jose focuses on internet startup success via consulting and executive coaching. He applies his broad experience and knowledge of startup disciplines into an approach of  guidance and problem-solving to help startups plan accurately, achieve their goals and realize their potential.


Advanced Web Development Consulting

Leadership and Project Management

Startup Coaching and Support

Skill Areas

Software Engineering

15+ years of software and web development using cutting-edge technology. Formal training.

Graphic Design

Visual architecture and design of materials, interfaces and web experiences. Formal training.

Marketing & Advertising

From strategy to implementation of campaigns, cycles and optimization. Formal training.

Leadership & Management

Led and participated in hundreds of web projects across broad technical, financial and business disciplines. Expert project manager, team builder and skills developer.

Jose’s Quotes

In executing projects, commitment is the most important thing we must demand from every participant. People who are committed to the project look out for risks, help clear obstacles, communicate closely and embrace team mentality.
Most startups that succeed do so mostly because the people driving them insist, stubbornly and unreasonably, on not quitting. Resilience is the single most powerful factor in startup success.

Leadership Principles

Inspire a Shared Vision

Develop a compelling vision to be shared by all, and lead from the front in working towards those ideals.


Credibility and Excellence

Develop trust, respect and admiration by leading by example with values, expert knowledge, commitment and dedication.


Empower People

Provide winning tools and processes. Facilitate the flow of ideas, and develop a culture of ownership and responsibility over personal and organizational success at all levels.


Develop the Team

Harness organic opportunities to encourage personal growth and develop skill sets.


Listen and Learn

Knowledge comes from others. The best leaders are the best listeners.

Coaching Principles

Facilitate Breakthrough

Beginning with the end in mind, walk through obstacles and opportunities to draw a success pathway between the “now” and the end result.


Knowledge and Planning

Achieve deep understanding of the situation, then develop clarity, focus and a powerful roadmap.


Divide and Conquer

Study situations to break down obstacles and tasks into meaningful packages and manageable pieces.


Honesty and Growth

Discussions and advice are caring but honest. Problems, concerns and opportunities are identified and harnessed into a personal growth map.



Instill a progress plan, track progress and exercise deliverables and deadlines.

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